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Produced by Imagined Order  (Shawn Turner, Joshua Moore, Dan Leffler)


Recorded and Mixed at The Black Palace

Recording Engineer/Mixing by Dan Leffler

Additional recording by Shawn Turner

Digital Mastering by Richard Dodd

Vinyl Mastering by Dan Leffler (Ampleffied Studio West)

Lead Vocals: Shawn Turner

Background Vocals: Shawn Turner, Joshua Moore

Additional Vocals on Leprosy: Angie Turner Darr

Guitars: Shawn Turner

Additional Guitars on Aqua Vitae: Oran Thornton

Drums: Joshua Moore

Bass: Dan Leffler

Piano: Shawn Turner

Strings arranged by Shawn Turner

Vinyl Lacquer cut by Peter Hewitt Dutton (The Bakery Los Angeles)

Transportation by Randy Dugan

Manufactured by Gotta Groove Records, Cleveland OH

Album Design by Bret Pelizzari

Songs by Imagined Order Music (BMI)

All rights reserved copyright 2019©

Imagined Order Sapiens Harari

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