There are so many things that can unite people and form lifelong friendships. And while Shawn Turner, Joshua Moore, Dan Leffler may have grown up with different musical influences, their shared love of all music guided them towards one another, this is Imagined Order.


Before the three talented guys that make up Imagined Order came to be, they each played in various bands and garnered their accomplishments along the way. They each scored record deals in their teens and played in a handful of bands.


Today they are focused on making the most of their time together as Imagined Order and their debut album, ‘The Echo In The Halls Of This House.’ In life, questions are asked but rarely answered and one can be left wondering and wandering. ’The Echo In The Halls Of This House’ reflects on that a bit as the subjects touch on everything from seeking, discovery, acceptance to the truth.


Take “Champagne” for example. Vocalist Shawn Turner notes, “This song came from the feeling I had after seeing how self-destructive thoughts and behavior had become. From the hurt in our lives and how it hurts the people we love and want to protect the most.”


While recording the album at their studio, the Black Palace, the band let the vibe take over and just let it be. They didn’t go into the process with any detailed plans or preconceived notions. Instead, they created the music naturally. The result being something they hold their head high about.


The trio that makes up Imagined Order are each talented BMI writers who have detailed pasts. Upon the release of ‘The Echo In The Halls Of This House,’ they plan to tour and produce 10 more albums over the next decade.

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