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Imagined Order is Shawn Turner, Joshua Moore, and Dan Leffler. The three members who live in different states, share a history of making music and recording together. The unexpected making of the debut album 'The Echo In The Halls Of This House' brought them back together after fifteen-plus years. There was no plan or conversation about recording an album. There weren't even microphones and recording equipment in place. The writing started from a place of survival, a means of coping with life's conditions that had been bottled up and repressed that were then coming out sideways. Songs the studio and the album would unfold over a year and turn into the beautiful disaster that is now Imagined Order.


The Echo In The Halls Of This House

Are You Feeling Alive  •  Top Of The World  •  Flesh Is A Theater  •  Never Had A Chance  •  Awake  •  Imagined Order
                                                      Ora  •  Champagne  •  Leprosy  •  Slave  •  Aqua Vitae
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